First of all, I would like to welcome you to Bloem Ads.  

I appreciate the time you offered to visit my site.

My aim with this site is to offer an online site where people living in Bloemfontein can post their ads, as well as offering a one stop site for visitors to find products or services they are looking for.

Why Bloem Ads?

I will provide you with 3 ways to promote your product/service.

I offer you a 3-in-1 service package.  All this means is that you pay a small monthly fee (or an annual fee where you save 2 months), I will publish your advertisement in all 3 ways.

You will have an option to purchase a featured advertisement, which will put your ad above the normal advertisements.  Please note that there is an additional fee for featured ads.

Method 1:  Online

Once payment for your ad have been received, your advert will be activated on our website for the time you specified when paying for your ad (30 or 365 days.)

Featured Ads will be displayed above the normal ads, giving you more exposure for your ad.

Method 2:  Facebook

Once your ad is live on our website, I will post it on my facebook group as well, saving you time.

Method 3:  Newsletter

Every month, I will send out an e-mail, containing all the advertisements that are active for the month, to the people that signed up for our free newsletter.

With these 3 methods, your advertisement will reach as many people as possible for a small monthly fee.


I will update this website regularly with news that are relevant to the Free State or Bloemfontein in particular.

Opening Special.

All ads placed until 30 September are free.

Ask me about special pricing for long term advertising.


For a monthly fee, your ad will be displayed online, on our Facebook Group and in our monthly newsletter.


Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You will receive all the active ads from advertisers in Bloemfontein, as well as news articles of what happened in and around Bloemfontein

Help & Support

If you need help, please complete a support ticket and I will respond as soon as humanly possible.

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